Roof Inspection Checklist

The following checklist is a good way for you to know whether or not it would be a good time to call in a roofing expert.

"The Roof Doctors DIY roof inspection"

From your front yard do a visual inspection, look for any blown off or missing shingles, exposing your wood roof deck. While there, look around on the ground for blown off shingles that may not be noticeable from the roof above. Next look around your eaves and gable ends. Any rotten wood noticeable? Are they wrapped in metal?

Ensure that your siding or any of the trim coverage hasn't been damaged, or blown off by the wind, exposing your soffit, fascia or, any other aspect of your roof system. Check to see if the vents and vent pipes remain firmly attached.

If you are comfortable and it would be safe to do so, climb up to the roof level to complete your inspection. Look for signs of aging and for algae or moss growing on the roofs shingles.

Exterior Roof Inspection Checklist

  • Severe curling or blistering of the asphalt shingles
    Missing or moved shingles.
    Loose or raised nail heads.
    Exposed nails.
    Broken shingles at the hips and ridgeline.
    Signs of missing caulking, used to seal flashings.
    Rusty or corroded flashing metals.
    Missing or damaged flashings.
    Sagging between the rafters.
    Broken seals on the shingles, flapping in the wind.
    Inspect your gutters and downspouts.
    Examine the mortar and flashing on the chimney.
    Look at the rubber seals around vent pipes for dry rot.
    Look for granules on the downspout splash block.
    Examine fascia boards along the eaves for wood or loose trim coverage.
    Check your valleys for debris accumulation such as pine needles or leaves.
    Finally, survey the condition of any side walls up on the roof.

Now it is time to go inside to look for water stains on your ceilings. Leaks inside the home are a sure indication of roof problems. From the attic or crawlspace, you can do the interior roof inspection.

"The Roof Doctors DIY interior roof inspection"

Check for broken deck boards or cracked plywood roof sheathing.
Look for sagging between your rafters.
Look for mold or black mold caused by moisture.
Sunlight coming from around chimney flashing.
Attic air intake vents should be unobstructed for proper ventilation.
Bathroom and exhaust fans should vent to the outside through the roof, not in the attic.
Leaks or water stains around all roof protrusions.

Call "The Roof Doctors" to come and inspect for damage you may have missed to arrange for any needed roof repairs as soon as possible. We have been in Business since 1997 and if there is one constant it is Quality Work at a fair price.

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Roof Maintenance for Condo’s and Commercial Buildings
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Gutter Installation – Have water in the basement or are your gutters just old and leaky..? We can help and offer a solution. We also offer Gutter cleaning.
Roof Shoveling - Ice Dams can cause problems and keeping your roof clear of excess snow can solve those issues. Call us today to come out and shovel your roof.
Residential Driveway Plowing- Call us today for an estimate before your snowed in.

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